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In recent years, Barefoot Bowls has emerged as a popular recreational activity, attracting people of all ages and backgrounds to lawn bowls clubs worldwide. This trend presents a unique opportunity for lawn bowls clubs to not only diversify their offerings but also increase turnover and ensure more patronage to their clubhouse. In this blog post, we'll explore how embracing Barefoot Bowls sports can be a game-changer for your club's success.

Attracting a New Demographic: Traditional lawn bowls clubs often cater to older demographics, but Barefoot Bowls has the power to attract a younger crowd. By promoting Barefoot Bowls events and leagues, clubs can tap into a new market segment of millennials and Gen Z individuals looking for fun and social activities.

Creating a Social Experience: Barefoot Bowls isn't just about the game; it's about the experience. With its relaxed atmosphere and emphasis on socializing, Barefoot Bowls events provide the perfect setting for people to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Clubs can capitalise on this by offering package deals that include bowls sessions, food, and drinks, enhancing the overall social experience.

Generating Revenue Streams: Hosting Barefoot Bowls events can open up additional revenue streams for clubs. From entry fees and equipment rentals to food and beverage sales, there are various opportunities to monetise these events. Moreover, clubs can partner with local businesses for sponsorships or collaborate with event planning companies to organise larger-scale Barefoot Bowls tournaments.

Fostering Community Engagement: Barefoot Bowls events have the potential to bring the community together. By welcoming people from all walks of life to participate in friendly competitions and social gatherings, clubs can foster a sense of belonging and community spirit. This, in turn, can lead to increased membership sign-ups and greater support from the local community.

Enhancing Club Facilities: To fully capitalise on the Barefoot Bowls trend, clubs may need to invest in upgrading their facilities. This could include creating designated Barefoot Bowls areas with synthetic greens, installing outdoor seating and entertainment spaces, and improving amenities such as restroom facilities and changing rooms. By enhancing the overall experience, clubs can attract more patrons and keep them coming back for more.

Barefoot Bowls sports present an exciting opportunity for lawn bowls clubs to diversify their offerings, attract new demographics, and increase turnover. By embracing this trend and leveraging it to create memorable social experiences, clubs can not only thrive financially but also strengthen their ties with the community. With the right strategies in place, Barefoot Bowls has the potential to breathe new life into traditional lawn bowls clubs, ensuring their long-term success and sustainability.

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